Backyard Birds A to Z
Backyard Birds A to Z
Backyard Birds A to Z

Backyard Birds A to Z

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Bird Book for Kids

Welcome to the world of Backyard Birds A to Z! This fun and educational ABC book is packed with interesting facts about birds for kids. From A is for American goldfinch to Z is for zone-tailed hawk, each page features a new bird, accompanied by beautiful color photographs and engaging descriptions that will capture your child's imagination. Kids will love learning the letters of the alphabet as they read about these fascinating creatures.

This book is a 
fun and entertaining way to introduce your child to the wonders of the natural world. They will be captivated by the full-color photographs and interesting facts, and they will love learning about the different birds that share our world.

Whether you're looking for a fun book to read at bedtime or an educational tool, 
Backyard Birds A to Z is a perfect choice. Your child will love learning about birds, and you'll love watching them discover the fascinating world of our avian friends.

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Author: Grady, J.R.

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 28

Release Date: 05-05-2023